Nature is perfect

We were designed to be in balance and harmony

Awaken the change

Happiness and growth

Our happiness and growth are linked to achieving our physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. The quality of our life is the quality of our intimate relationships, family, friends and/or co-workers. If you want a better life you need to start by working on two things: the quality of your daily emotions and the quality of your relationships.

What we think should be in line with what we say and what we do

This balance is achieved when we are in harmony with ourselves, when we assume the responsibility and take control of our emotional state and when others and situations are no longer responsible for our choices.

In order to succeed you need balance and harmony. Imagine a company, if all of the departments/levels with the company that make up the foundation and base of the company do not work in balance, the company will have a hard time to succeed and eventually the imbalance will result in the loss of employees, the loss of customers and of course decreased profitability.


In companies, this work must be carried out at the highest level of the organizational structure, descending through the various departments and levels. Organizational change starts with the CEO and not with the employees. If the CEO changes, employees will be inspired by that change and will follow in the same steps.

What makes a company are its employees

It is essential to ensure that the employees are in balance and in harmony with themselves as individuals, with the business environment, and with the business community in which they have chosen to be a part of.

Professional experience

For several years, I have served as a business manager of the multinational company “NGA Human Resources” in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, and Argentina. Currently I am residing in Portugal, and I am an entrepreneur by nature and as such I have created this company to share and uplift others in their path to balance, harmony and success.

Academic education

Advanced Management Program for Executives – Catholic University of Portugal

Degree in Informatics and Business Management – ISCTE

Complementary Training

Certified Trainer No. 8401/98

Meditation Instructor – Miguel Cervantes University (Spain)

Mastery University – Tony Robbins
Energy Healing – Mindvalley Academy

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