Retreats are spaces that allow us to be silent and present within ourselves, away from the daily hustle of our lives, allowing us to observe what is going on inside us and to access any experience in a much deeper and more conscious way. An invitation to embrace who we really are and everything that happens to us.

Through silence we make room for the awakening of consciousness, for the opening of the heart, for our inner freedom and for a greater connection with everything that exists.


Because we all need moments where we immerse ourselves deeply in a certain theme, allowing us to internalize and experience the teaching or practice in a deeper way, taking us from that point on to build the foundation necessary to begin our journey of self-knowledge.

Want to know more about my events?

September 2021 – Initiation to Meditation Workshop – Lisbon. More information soon. 

December 2021 – Conscious Travel Retreat – Fogo Island, Cape Verde. More information soon. 

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