My motivation
shows the world who I am

Become who you believe you can be


My body is my home, where my soul and my being dwell. I love to take care of it as I love to take care of my house. I have two houses, the one my soul inhabits and the one my body inhabits. Both reflect and mirror my essence.


Variety is the spirit of my being. I need to challenge the “normal” and see where it leads me. I like challenges, testing my own limits and keeping this competition with myself.


I love to find the silence within myself, to listen to myself and learn to be with myself in pure silence, without judgment, simply observing everything that goes on within me.


I love being with people free from any social beliefs, giving and receiving without the thoughtful commitment to give and receive and with no expectations. I love smiles and hugs. I love speaking languages and even if I don't speak perfectly, it makes me feel part of a whole and it makes me feel closer to others.

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