Individual Mentoring

Individual mentoring sessions last 45 minutes.

They can be performed in the following languages: Creole, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Sessions can be specific to resolve a particular issue, to help you make a decision, to gain clarity about a particular event, or to work through issues of deeper blockages. In these cases, sessions can be held daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your needs.

Autonomy and Detachment

All mentoring sessions are based on a detachment process, with the goal of lessening the mentoring as we go along. This can be done because you will receive and learn the tools you need that will help you on your journey and you will feel more autonomous and confident. The goal is to lessen sessions with the strength you build within yourself, which in the end will translate into one-off sessions for alignment. We all need mentors in our growth process to help us see beyond and teach us valuable tools to use.

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