Meditation Classes

At the base of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance of the human being is the daily practice of meditation, of being present in the here and now.

Meditation is an ancient practice that helps us to go back inwards, to look inside, to broaden our awareness and gain clarity.Meditation is not a refuge. You do not meditate simply to find calmness or feel peace. If you do, then you do not accept other parts of you. Meditation will not offer you what suits you, it will simply mirror everything that exists within you.Meditating is an act of courage, of making the passage from the outer world to the inner world, accepting everything that exists within you in the present moment, and that can be painful, bring sadness, joy, or whatever other emotions you feel within you.Accept that your true nature whether it is agitation, calmness, sadness, joy, anguish, happiness, pain, etc., all these emotions are part of you and everything that exists within you. You simply must observe, listen, feel, and give space to each one of your emotions.Meditation classes can be individual or in groups. The objective is to first reconstruct the individual’s beliefs about meditation, so that the next step of teaching can begin.

Individual lessons can be scheduled and are 45 minutes. Group classes are proposed and can be given in companies, organizations, hospitals, educational establishments, gyms, etc...

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